WHO moaned at my mum

who moaned at my mum this is for u  My mum asked you a something and you said something nastey .                                                               

hello people

   hello people i am bord  wot shal i but i am not jumping of a cliff or a builden

My HPV jab

Tomorrow i have to have to get my HPV i dont like i one bit =( i have to have it

goooood morrrning peeps

good morning everyone how was you morning my one was ok because i had to clean my rabbit hamster out :)

my friends

My friend has broke her leg  but before that it was her arm. Her name is danialle we have been friends for 2 years.  Danialle  went to the Hollywood cinama with  Danialle (sophie sister) chloe we went to the Movie up . ...

hello peeps

Hello my name is kerrie    i am 13 yr old I live in lowestoft My mum is snugglebum57 & dad is fraglerock